Exploring Ops Center – Enterprise Manager

  ozzie / 23/12/2012

sedikit adventure liburan di kandang kebonbinatang ke dunia Enterprise.. 8-}

Provisioning, installing, Updating, Monitoring, Reporting huge infrastructure a.k.a Enterprise. cmiiw.
dengan bahan dasar:
- Solaris 10 ( SPARC & x86 )
- Oracle Linux
- Ops Center

Register Asset (Manual Discover) via Token:
on Enetrprise Manager:

# cat /var/opt/sun/xvm/persistence/scn-proxy/
description=Local Proxy Controller

Generate Token:

# echo "0c8d556f-9b8e-4210-9299-ea82f450f40a:1387904400000:T" > ~/TOKET_TETE

On Client Agent:

# /opt/SUNWxvmoc/bin/agentadm configure -t ~/TOKET_TETE  -x 
agentadm: Version launched with args: configure -t /token -x
Validating step : workarounds configure  -t ~/TOKET_TETE -x   
Validating step : db configure  -t ~/TOKET_TETE -x   
/var/run/cacao/instances/scn-agent/run/*.pid: No such file or directory
Validating step : sc_console configure  -t ~/TOKET_TETE -x   
verified sc_console command is OK 
Validating step : setup_hmp configure    -t ~/TOKET_TETE 
Validating step : scn_agent configure    
scn_agent Common Agent Container environment is OK 
Validating step : setup_net configure    
skipping setup_net step for zone VC. 
Validating step : uce_agent configure    
Validating step : config_sysconfig configure    
Validating step : final configure    
End of validation 
executing step : workarounds 
workaround  configuration done. 
executing step : db 
/var/run/cacao/instances/scn-agent/run/*.pid: No such file or directory
configuring db 
INFO: decrypted the password.
Java DB creation and initialization for Domain Model successful
configuring jobs db 
INFO: decrypted the password.
Java DB creation and initialization for job manager successful
INFO: db decrypted the password.


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