Remove Node dari Resource Group – Solaris Cluster 4.1

  ozzie / 09/07/2013

Removing a Node From a Resource Group
how to ngebuang node (monyet3) dari resource group aktif..

# clq show d1   
=== Quorum Devices ===                         
Quorum Device Name:                             d1
  Enabled:                                         yes
  Votes:                                           2
  Global Name:                                     /dev/did/rdsk/d1s2
  Type:                                            shared_disk
  Access Mode:                                     scsi3
  Hosts (enabled):                                 monyet3, monyet1, monyet2
=== Cluster Resource Groups ===
Group Name       Node Name       Suspended      State
----------       ---------       ---------      -----
MySQL-RG         monyet1         No             Offline
                 monyet2         No             Online
                 monyet3         No             Offline
# clrg status
=== Cluster Resources ===
Resource Name       Node Name      State        Status Message
-------------       ---------      -----        --------------
MySQL-RS            monyet1        Offline      Offline
                    monyet2        Online       Online - Service is online.
                    monyet3        Offline      Offline
MySQL-LH            monyet1        Offline      Offline - LogicalHostname offline.
                    monyet2        Online       Online - LogicalHostname online.
                    monyet3        Offline      Offline
MySQL-HAS           monyet1        Offline      Offline
                    monyet2        Online       Online
                    monyet3        Offline      Offline
#  scrgadm -pv -g MySQL-RG                   
Res Group name:                                    MySQL-RG
  (MySQL-RG) Res Group RG_description:             <NULL>
  (MySQL-RG) Res Group mode:                       Failover
  (MySQL-RG) Res Group management state:           Managed
  (MySQL-RG) Res Group RG_project_name:            default
  (MySQL-RG) Res Group RG_SLM_type:                manual
  (MySQL-RG) Res Group RG_affinities:              <NULL>
  (MySQL-RG) Res Group Auto_start_on_new_cluster:  True
  (MySQL-RG) Res Group Failback:                   False
  (MySQL-RG) Res Group Nodelist:                   monyet1 monyet2 monyet3
  (MySQL-RG) Res Group Maximum_primaries:          1
  (MySQL-RG) Res Group Desired_primaries:          1
  (MySQL-RG) Res Group RG_dependencies:            <NULL>
  (MySQL-RG) Res Group network dependencies:       True
  (MySQL-RG) Res Group Global_resources_used:      <All>
  (MySQL-RG) Res Group Pingpong_interval:          3600
  (MySQL-RG) Res Group Pathprefix:                 <NULL>
  (MySQL-RG) Res Group system:                     False
  (MySQL-RG) Res Group Suspend_automatic_recovery: False
#  scrgadm -pv -g MySQL-RG | grep -i nodelist
  (MySQL-RG) Res Group Nodelist:                   monyet1 monyet2 monyet3
# scrgadm -c -g MySQL-RG -h monyet1,monyet2
#  scrgadm -pv -g MySQL-RG | grep -i nodelist
  (MySQL-RG) Res Group Nodelist:                   monyet1 monyet2
# scrgadm -pvv -g MySQL-RG | grep -i netiflist
    (MySQL-RG:MySQL-LH) Res property name:         NetIfList
      (MySQL-RG:MySQL-LH:NetIfList) Res property class: extension
      (MySQL-RG:MySQL-LH:NetIfList) Res property description: List of IPMP groups on each node
    (MySQL-RG:MySQL-LH:NetIfList) Res property pernode: False
      (MySQL-RG:MySQL-LH:NetIfList) Res property type: stringarray
      (MySQL-RG:MySQL-LH:NetIfList) Res property value: sc_ipmp0@1 sc_ipmp0@2 sc_ipmp0@3
# scrgadm -c -j MySQL-LH  -x netiflist=sc_ipmp0@1,sc_ipmp0@2

dari node yang aktif:

# clnode evacuate monyet3

shutdown monyet3 dan booting non cluster mode

ok boot -x


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