remove & re-add diskset SVM Solaris Cluster

  ozzie / 21/06/2014

ketika switch ke node lain:

# clrg switch -n kambing1 kambing-rg
clrg:  (C748634) Resource group kambing-rg failed to start on chosen node and might fail over to other node(s)
# metaset 
# metaset -s kandang-data
metaset: kambing1: setname "kandang-data": no such set
# metaset -s kandang-apps
metaset: kambing1: setname "kandang-apps": no such set

shutdown kambing1 (init 0), tinggalkan pada ok promt;


- remove kambing1 diskset dari kambing2:

# metaset -s kandang-apps -d -f -h kambing1
# metaset -s kandang-data -d -f -h kambing1

*process ini cukup lama.. biarkan timeout

reboot kambing1 dan re-add pada kambing2:

# metaset -s kandang-data -a -h kambing1
# metaset -s kandang-apps  -a -h kambing1

check metaset pada kambing1.. switch resource group antar node;

enjooyyy <:-p

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